Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition Smartwatch Survives 33,000M Altitude

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Recently Alpina partnered with “Sent Into Space” and launched the AlpinerX Smartwatch into space, where it survived extreme temperatures and pressure for three hours before falling back to earth. For this occasion and achievement, Alpina releases the limited-edition AlpinerX Space Edition smartwatch. Done in a dark blue case with matte finish, the AlpinerX Space Edition is one of the most attractive active smartwatches on the market and is limited to 299 pieces.

alpina alpinerx space

The Alpina AlpinerX is an outdoors smartwatch, with altitude, barometer, compass, connected GPS, and UV indicator/temperature functions that send data to the user’s phone. This is in addition to the standard host of smartwatch functions like activity tracking, sleep monitoring, notifications, and worldtimer function.

alpina alpinerx space
alpina alpinerx space

What sets the Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition smartwatch apart from the standard models is the navy blue fiberglass and steel case with matching navy dial and blue digital screen and hands. On the caseback is a special engraved moon within the Alpina triangle logo. The rest remains the same, with the 45mm-wide and 14.45mm-thick case. Naturally, it’s water resistant to 100M in addition to still operating when it reached an altitude of 33,793 meters.

alpina alpinerx space
alpina alpinerx space

Inside the AlpinerX Space Edition is the MMT-283-1 Horological Smartwatch movement, which allows for all functions to be controlled via the crown. The battery life is two-plus years, as well.  The AlpinerX Space Edition comes on a navy leather strap that matches the case and dial.

alpina alpinerx space

Again, the Alpina AlpinerX Space Edition is limited to 299 pieces and is a proud testament to the toughness of the product. While the specific AlpinerX Space that went into space now lives in the Alpina Museum in Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland, there are still some available units. The price is the same as the standard AlpinerX, at $995. You can learn more at

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